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Prentice Hall Literature Book Links

This link takes you to the login page for our new literature textbook series. (The really big yellow book!)

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Password: Dcschools1



UN: staceymalexander

PW: Dcschools1

Study Island
Study Island

Login Information

Username: firstnamelastname@toms

Password: Student ID# (Library Number)


UN: staceyalexander@toms

PW: 12345678912

Discovery Education
Discovery Education

Computer Lab
AR and STAR Reading (Renaissance Place)

Your username is your first and last name, no spaces.  Your password is your star ID #.




Quiz for 8/5/2014

Mrs. Alexander's Blog
All That Static

This is my classroom blog on Blogger.  You can access this at any time.  I moderate all comments that are posted, so you will not see your comment until I approve and publish it.  If we are doing a classroom post, I ususally moderate during class so everyone can read the comments.  Make sure you post as "anonymous" and add only your first name and core # to the bottom of the post.

Articles of Interest
NY Times: Handwriting

Read the article presented here.

Vocabulary Practice
Free Rice

A great vocabulary building site to use after you complete your assignment for the day...

Learning Game Sites
Learning Games

This site has links to interactive learning fun...

Grammar Bytes

Check out the interactive exercises...and the cyber prizes you can win!

Jefferson County Schools Interactive Grammar Site Links

A huge list of interactive grammar fun...

Wacky Web Tales

Silly fun with mad libs...

Grammar Ninja

Race for the top!

Reading Links
Connotation and Denotation

Link to Connotation and Denotation Presentation on Prezi