Amtek Partnership


Dyersburg, TN, July 22, 2022 (Matt Noble) Amteck has achieved national recognition for its excellence in electrical design build, service, maintenance, and more. Now, with the innovative leadership at Dyer County Public Schools and the Tennessee STEM innovation Network, they are making plans to share their knowledge and experience with elementary students.

This exciting partnership began with STEM Coordinator, Crystal Lock. A teacher with over 20 years of experience, Lock reached out to the Amteck office in Dyersburg with an opportunity to collaborate. Regional Manager, John Densford, leapt at the opportunity. “I saw it as a chance to open students’ eyes to the wonderful opportunities in our company and in our community,” Densford remarked.

On Wednesday, leaders of Amteck and the Dyer County School System wrapped up a two-day strategy and content discussion regarding STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) content taught at the Dyer County Elementary School. Lock was Ecstatic: “I am so excited about this opportunity because one, [Amteck] is willing to work with an elementary school! I am a huge advocate for early STEM education. Two, getting some hands-on, field experience and suggestions on what we can do as educators to prepare future students to enter the workforce is really important.”

Amteck employees from every area of service spent time with Lock, explaining their day-to-day responsibilities and providing her with numerous examples of how they use STEM skills to accomplish their goals and tasks. Lock hopes to use simplified versions of these real-world examples as STEM projects for her students this coming year.

STEM programs help open the door of creative problem solving and practical application to students who may want alternative options to a liberal arts degree from a university. “A lot of times kids just hear “college, college, college” and planting this seed of excitement for something beyond,” stated Dr. Carolyn Tyler, Dyer County Schools Elementary Schools Supervisor. “Amteck does not require a four-year college degree for most of their positions (even leadership roles), so it is important that students at every level are aware that they can have successful, well-paying, and fulfilling careers without going into debt,” said Jon Dougherty, Amteck’s Director of Education.


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Article written by Matt Noble - Amtek Marketing